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Laura Ingraham breaks down President Trump's triumphant week from his impeachment acquittal to a booming economy and more. Ingraham Angle Transcript Laura Ingraham: Best week ever, that's the...
"Every day, we are helping our forgotten communities and Americans achieve their full potential and live the American dream." President Donald J. Trump President Donald J. Trump
America is thriving, America is flourishing, and yes, America is winning again like never before. ~ President Donald J. Trump UNDERTAKING AN ECONOMIC REVIVAL: President Donald J. Trump’s economic revival has defied the...
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi yuks it up with her pathetic impeachment pens while President Trump accomplishments grow daily, including his signing of an historic trade deal.
On his show, Steve Hilton says, "I don't think there's been proper recognition of the substance and significance of what Trump is doing." He goes on to share the the historic accomplishments of Trump.
Black unemployment stays at a record low for September 2019 Former NFL player Jack Brewer weighs in on the September 2019 jobs report. Watch the latest video at
Take a minute to review a list of President Donald Trump's Accomplishments on MAGAPILL, a website built to properly document President Donald Trump’s Legacy by archiving and listing his accomplishments. All accomplishments are sourced from articles that...
President Donald Trump gains tremendous achievements in his first year presidency. President Trump's accomplishments and successes include the economy, national security and more.
Real News Updates are weekly video updates that will keep you abreast of President Trump's accomplishments since becoming President of the United States. These video updates began in August 2017 and the updates will be added to...



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