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Despite its cool Green parties and ambitious wind and solar agendas, Europe remains by far the world’s largest importer of oil and natural gas. Oil output in the North Sea and off the coast of...
Brian Kilmeade speaks to retired Navy Seal Jocko Willink about the risks President Trump took taking out Qasam Soleimani and how it inspired the people of Iran. Watch the latest video at
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy introduces a resolution supporting the Iranian people who are protesting in Iran, and their right to free speech. McCarthy said that Iran is responsible for escalating tensions with the...
Fox News contributor Dan Bongino reacts to the news of the day on 'Fox & Friends' including the elite media's shameful propaganda about Iran.
Hundreds of people protested in several cities around Iran on Saturday after the military admitted to mistakenly shooting down a civilian Ukrainian plane, killing all 176 on board. VOA's Julie Taboh has more.
The operation to kill Qasem Soleimani went far beyond a drone strike and included U.S. Army Special Operation forces on the ground that followed the Iranian general's convoy; Leland Vittert reports.
This video purportedly shows a missile taking down a Ukrainian Airliner near Tehran on January 8, 2020. It's been sited as evidence that the crash of flight 752 was nbot due to mechanical error as Iranian officials...
After losing its top strategist, military commander, and arch-terrorist, Qasem Soleimani, the Iranian theocracy is weighing responses. One, Iran can quiet down and cease military provocations. After attacking tankers off its...
The Ukrainian passenger plane that crashed shortly after taking off from Tehran’s international airport Wednesday was shot down by mistake by an Iranian anti-aircraft missile, Pentagon officials told Fox News.
Col. Oliver North says President Trump was 'Reaganesque' in his response to Iran. President Trump spoke softly and set out clear objectives for Iran, said Col. Oliver North. Watch the latest video at
Keane: Soleimani attack 'stunned & surprised' Iranians Jan. 08, 2020 - 1:44 - "This is only the second time in 40 years the Iranians have blinked," says Gen Jack Keane discussing the opportunity...
Defense Secretary Mark Esper gives a press briefing on the death of Soleimani and its affect on what is happening in IRAQ and around the world. Watch the latest video at
Center for Security Policy President and CEO Fred Fleitz applauds President Trump's hawkish stance on terrorism and calls the Iran nuclear deal a fraud.
Steve Hilton likes Trumps policy of America first in the Middle East and breaks down how President Trump's foreign policy helps Americans here at home.



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