Victor Davis Hanson 2020 : Godot Doomsdaying In The Golden State

In this Victor Davis Hanson Podcast Episode 9, Victor Davis Hanson discusses the coronavirus pandemic around the world and the anomolly of California as

This is the Victor Davis Hanson podcast episode 9 recorded this last day of March as America continues to be inundated by numbers, coronavirus victims, coronavirus stats, ICU beds available, Dow Jones rise Dow Jones fall, China’s many lies, numerators and denominators, and so much more. The Victor Davis Hanson podcast is produced by The Clement Sara Schutte and on today’s episode will hear from our friend and esteemed author, historian, political commentator and social critic Victor Davis Hanson and social critic about the coronavirus anomaly is it that is California Donald Trump’s real electability and its dependence on his strategic foresight red China’s growth global hegemony plans through Logistics and infrastructure and if we have time Rhode Island hanging up the New Yorkers not admitted sign. I’m National Review vice president Jack Fowler this program’s co-host