WAR ROOM Pandemic

WAROOM: PANDEMIC articles cover the Chinese Communist Party and coronavirus, designated 2019-nCoV, including China’s disinformation and propaganda in the wake of the global outbreak and the media’s willingness to continue to act in the dark about the Chinese Communist Party’s role in the global viral outbreak.


Links to Important Articles

Hong Kong: Thousands Defy Ban, Gather to Remember Tiananmen Massacre

China: Knife-Wielding School Security Guard Goes on Rampage, Injuring Dozens

Dr. Thayer: The Chinese Regime Is Not Legitimate

Hong Kong Fears for Internet as Freedoms Disappear

Reporters Without Borders: China Remains #1 Enemy of Press Freedoms

State Dept. May Demand Hit More Chinese Media Outlets With Reciprocal Restrictions

Facebook To Stop Chinese & Russian State Media From Buying Ads

Google: China & Iran Are Attempting to Hack Trump & Biden Campaigns

Feeding the Dragon, Google DELETES App That Helped Users Delete Chinese Apps

Chinese Mask Maker Gets Sweetheart Reprieve on $1bn Cali Mask Deal

Chinese Propagandists Seize on George Floyd Protests

Chinese State Media Claims Chinese Citizens Cheering Unrest

Bombshell Recordings: China Withheld Virus Info from WHO Even as Org Praised

China’s New High-Security Compound in Pakistan Hints at Naval Threat

US Issues Bipartisan Rebuke to China for Border Aggression With India

Indian App to Remove Chinese Apps Skyrockets to 1M Downloads in 2 Weeks

Ex-Chinese Official Extradited to US on Money Laundering Charges

Peter Morici: Sanction Chinese Banks for Hong Kong Repression

Health Officials Worry Protests Will Spark A Second Virus Wave

China Predictably Doesn’t Honor US Trade Deal, Halts Some Ag Purchases

China Furious That US Is Protecting S. Korea from N. Korean Missiles

China Prepping Effort to Seize Control of Airspace in South China Sea

Opinion: US Should Ignore any new China ADIZ in the South China Sea

Trump Takes Action to Eliminate Hong Kong Special Status

President Announces US ‘Terminating’ Relationship with WHO

Top Chinese General Says China May Attack Taiwan

10 Nation Alliance Forming, Could Clean Path to Huawei-Free Future

Australian University Suspends Undergrad for 2 YEARS for Protesting China

U.S. to Expel Chinese Grad Students With Ties to China’s Military Schools

China Approves Hong Kong “National Security” Law; World Preps Response

The Hong Kong Dollar: The Next Black Swan?

Wuhan Police Raid Christian Pastor’s Home, Drag Him Away During Zoom Event

Pompeo: Hong Kong ‘No Longer Autonomous,’ Sets Stage for Sanctions

Rogin: We Must Find Bipartisanship on China Issue… NOW

House Passes Bill to Sanction Chinese Officials Over Human Rights Atrocities 413-1

Huawei Princess Loses Extradition Decision; HSBC Implicated in Iran Malfeasance

China Frets Lawsuits; Drafts Law to Its Let Citizens Arbitrarily Sue US States

Three Chinese Nationals Murdered In Zambia As Resentment Over Racism Grows

Twitter Hires Chinese Regime-Linked AI Expert

Dictator Xi Orders Military to Prepare for War

How India Can Deter China: Push Back in South China Sea

Taiwan Accelerates Missile Program In Response to Increasing Mainland Threats

Israel Chooses Wisely: Rejects Chinese Bid for Major Project

Pandemic Casts Light on Decades of Chinese Regime’s Racism Towards Africans

China Building Government Buildings in Africa, Probably to Spy on African Leaders

Roger Kimball: Let’s Blame China

Trump: “As One Nation, We Mourn”

Bannon: “If We Blink, We’re Heading On a Path to War”

China’s ‘Bat Woman’ Says Coronavirus Is Just Tip of the Iceberg

Economic Warfare: China Drops Currency to Lowest Vs Dollar Since 2008

US Is Ahead of China in Vaccine Race, For Now

China’s Orwellian Health Scores Aren’t Going Away

Uyghurs Being Disappeared in Forced Labor At Accelerating Rate

Chinese Regime’s Racist Coronavirus Measures Against Africans Spark Outcry

Australian Undergrad Student Stands Up to CCP, Exposes University’s Kowtowing

Silicon Valley Collaborating With Sanctioned Chinese Entities

China Prepping Orwellian National Digital Currency

China Blocking US Flights As Airlines Struggle

UK, Australia, Canada Sternly Warn China Over Hong Kong

Pompeo: China’s Law “Death Knell” for Hong Kong; Warns of Consequences

Sky Turns PITCH BLACK in Beijing As Hong Kong Crisis Looms for Communist Party

Trump Warns US Will “React Strongly” If China Passes Hong Kong Law

UK Shares Plunge as Over China’s Attempts to Destroy Hong Kong Freedom

Atlantic: Hong Kong’s Revolutionary Anthem Is a Challenge to China

Chinese Communist Party Prepares “National Security” Law to Strangle Hong Kong

Fauci: Being Closed for Too Long Could Cause “Irreparable Damage”

Aussie TV Host: China In Hands of Thugs And Gangsters

Another Massive Lockdown Underway in China; WHO Covers It Up AGAIN

Bannon Predicts “American Jobs for American Workers” As Supply Chains Return

President Reveals He’s Taking Hydroxychloroquine

China Declares Economic War on US Ally Australia

Pompeo Warns China Over Hong Kong Autonomy

Australia Wins Support from 120 Countries for Virus Inquiry

Pompeo Warns China Over Hong Kong Autonomy

Australia Wins Support from 120 Countries for Virus Inquiry

Taiwan’s Inclusion in W.H.O. Under Consideration, China Likely to Block

Chinese Journalist Goes on Trial FOR TWEETS After 9 Months in Jail

China Has Arrested At Least 500 For Talking About Coronavirus

Revealed: China’s Plans to Censor the Entire Internet

Charles Kolb: It’s Time To Tear Down China’s Internet Firewall

Democrats Push $3T Stimulus Bill Through House

Beijing Biden Attacks Trump for “Playing the China Card”

House of Representatives Approves “Remote Voting”

Investigational Vaccine Yields Promising Results in Monkey Study

President Announces “Super-Duper” Missile to Counter China, Russia

US Deals Massive Blow to Huawei With Export Controls; China Vows “Counterattack”

Think Tank: Evidence for China’s Organ Harvesting from Prisoners of Conscience

Gertz: Chinese Deception Fuels Fears of Ethnic-Genetic Experiments

Chinese State Media: China Will Interfere in US Election

Revealed: China’s Plans to Censor the Entire Internet

Charles Kolb: It’s Time To Tear Down China’s Internet Firewall

Senate Passes Bill to Address China’s Human Rights Atrocities

POTUS Preparing Executive Order to Spur Domestic Pharmaceutical Production

FBI: China Trying to Steal Vaccine, Treatment Research from America

Leaked Chinese Military Database Shows China’s Lying on Infection Numbers

Canadian Gov’t Partners With Chinese Military to Test Vaccine on Humans

Trump Order Pulls Federal Retirement Funds Invested in Chinese Stocks

George Soros: Don’t Work With China on Coronavirus

Virus Collector Miffed His US-funded Wuhan Contract Was Cut? A Hillary Donor.

Chinese Military Deeply Involved in Wuhan Coronavirus Research

Surge in Cybertheft; Chinese Military, Intel Targeting Vaccine Research

Brahma Chellaney: World Faces Moment of Truth on China

Satellite Imagery Shows Chinese Overseas Naval Base Expanding

Chinese State Media Launches Pitiful Attack on Bannon. Why Now?

German Intelligence: China Asked W.H.O. to Cover Up Pandemic

Mysterious Cellphone Data Indicates Possible Wuhan Lab Accident

US Navy Warns Chinese Communist Party: Stop Bullying Neighbors

Senate Majority Leader Expects Vote on Chinese Regime’s Human Rights Abuses

Pence Press Secretary Positive for CCP Virus

SHOCK: Coronavirus Survivors Banned From Joining Military

GOP Bill to Rename Street Outside Chinese Embassy for Hero Whistleblower

YouTube Kowtows; Demonetizes Chinese Dissident’s Video

Chinese Virus Testing Firm Liked to “Serious Human Rights Abuses”

China Suspected of Bio-Espionage in Heart of European Union

Mysterious Shipment of Ebola from Canada to Wuhan Under Investigation

Pompeo Presses Case Against China Over Virus Origin Cover-up, Taiwan

Steve Bannon: The Chinese People Want to Be Whistleblowers

Lawsuits Against China’s Communist Party Are Multiplying

Chinese Regime’s Media Takes Direct Aim At Bannon, Pompeo

London School of Economics Analyst Pushes CCP Propaganda Attacking Bannon

LEAK: “China’s CIA” Is Terrified of a Tiananmen-Style Backlash Over Virus

Trump Official Warns China of Populist Backlash Over Repression

CCP Virus Survivors Want Answers; China’s Communist Party Is Silencing Them

POTUS Trump Suspects Communist Regime Let Virus Spread on Purpose

DHS Intel: CCP Hid Virus Severity to Siphon Up World’s Medical Supplies


Dems Enlist AI Firm to Attack Trump Response to Coronavirus

GOP Rep. Unveils Bill to Probe WHO’s Response to Coronavirus

China Scrambles to Erase Data from Wuhan Lab Website… Too Late

Cyber-spies Out to Steal Our Coronavirus Vaccine Secrets

POTUS Announces Remdesivir Emergency Use Authorization

Education Dept. Takes Aim At Uni. of Texas Over Wuhan Lab, Huawei, Zoom

GOP Pleads for Bipartisanship on WHO, Chinese Influence to Protect World Health

Poll: Overwhelming Majority Believe Virus Came From Wuhan Lab

Top Spy Agency Says Wuhan Lab Being Investigated As Possible Origin

Washington DC May Not Re-Open for THREE Months

CCP Virus May Kill 100K By End of Summer, Approaching WW1 Numb

Pompeo Says China Responsible for Outbreak: Must Detail Origin

US Gov Analysis: Wuhan Lab Most Likely Source of Outbreak

Ex-Clinton Official, Biden Staffer, WHO Expert Says Wuhan Lab Most Likely Source

DHS: China May Be Spying Via Zoom; Zoom Attacks US Gov’t As “Misinformed”

House Cancels Returning To Work, Citing Too High Risk

US Imposed New Export Restrictions on Sensitive Goods to China

China’s Virus Deaths May Have Been FIFTY TIMES What Communist Party Claimed

China Threatens Australia over Virus Inquiry

China Threatens EU over Disinformation Report

Chinese Hackers Hit US, Allied Research Institutions, Universities, Companies

“Frontline” Chinese Research Firm Hacked, Data for Sale on Dark We

LEE SMITH: How Sen. Feinstein Used Her Power to Help China

LEE SMITH: The China Rethink: US Politicians Realizing China At War With

Pandemic Reveals Horrifying Lack of Ethics and Biosafety at Chinese Virology Labs

China’s Communist Regime Now Responsible for 50K+ Dead Americans

Bat Lady of Wuhan “Kept a Large Reservoir of Bat Viruses & Related Vaccines”

China Was Behind US “Lockdown” Disinformation Panic & Chaos

Missouri Files First State Lawsuit vs. China Over Coronavirus “Deceit”